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Default Re: Michael Jackson II: Legendary Redux!

I see Murray has given his first interview.

He's basically waiting for a good money offer before he starts spilling Michael's "pedophile secrets". I don't know. He tried defending him, in a way.

But he did reveal something interesting, which I think supports Michael's innocence. He claims Michael slept with dolls. I suspected that for a while, but now it's been confirmed.

This also confirms just how desperately and crushingly lonely Michael was.

To say he slept with kids because he was guilty, couldn't be more wrong.

Frank Dileo at times had to sleep in the same room as Michael in hotels, because he was that lonely, he couldn't sleep. ..

And dolls were his other option if he didn't have his children around him. Very sad
Murray did say, he shouldn't be judged for it, given his life.

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