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Default Re: What direction would you have liked the third act to go in?

Originally Posted by kasjan View Post
The real suit of Silver Samurai was at Yashida's funeral.
In the 3rd act there was armor like S.H.I.V.A. with blade like Muramasa blade. Don't know why some people call it Silver Samurai.

IMO this solution was ok, in comic S.H.I.V.A. was made to kill Logan, and Logan used Muramasa blade to destroy it.
Because like Blackfox said its supposed to be Silver Samurai. SHIVA was a full on robot last I checked. Not a man in a mech suit.

The SS design at the funeral was supposed to be connected to the final suit you see at the end. Movie Silver Samurai in The Wolverine is a kind of a combo of Kenuichio Harada and Shin Harada (who had a robot suit of armor).

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