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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Problematic - since the SII tryst occurred in ~1978 and Jason is 5 or 6 in 2006. If a viewer had not seen SII (and it’s not a prerequisite) then they’d simply assume that Supes and Lois got together (at least once) just prior to his departure. And that’s all one needs to know.

This is a fairly puritanical perspective. If sex out of wedlock grates your cheese then there’s probably a great deal about modern society and pop culture that you dislike.

That Supes left without saying good-bye to Lois is a significant plot element that’s revisited and (finally) redressed during the course of the film. But there is no “abandons” Jason “by extension.” Supes entire arc is about finding/reconnecting to family. And he ultimately finds this by learning of his son’s existence. He would not - and does not - abandon the very thing he was looking for. The discovery of an unknown child (for obvious reasons, this usually happens to men ) is a reasonably common narrative device. TV Tropes calls it Who’s Your Daddy? This can play out in a number of ways. But if the “new father” is a good/sympathetic character, he’ll typically want to develop a relationship with (or otherwise support) his newfound child. And this was conveyed at the conclusion of [I]SR[/I].
Agreed, how could Superman abandon Jason when he doesnt even know about him, this complaint really grates on me. And he learns throughout the movie that leaving without saying goodbye hurt more people than he realised and it has ramifications not just on his life but other peoples as well. By the end of SR he is a different Superman in a totally different place, he makes sure he says goodbye to Lois when leaving the plane, to correct his earlier mistake, as he doesnt think he is coming back.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
One thing I love about SUPERMAN RETURNS is that Superman doesn't actually try to steal Lois. When he realizes he's more or less missed out on his chance at happiness, instead of sulking about it, he more or less immediately throws himself into his "mission" again.
Agreed, he goes back to saving people and you can see the joy this brings him throughout the movie, its the only happiness he gets in the movie until Jason comes along and he realises he is not alone anymore.

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