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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Oooo I wanna play!!!!

Acting: Man Of Steel! Brandon was a bad copy of Christopher Reeves and he had no charisma or screen prescence as Superman. I am blaming Kate for her lame Lois because she apparently modeled her after Katherine Hepburn; where the he-- did that come from.
In MOS, Henry was a great Superman despite being in scenes with Oscar winners and nominees he mostly did better than them. The only actors who did better than him were Ayulet and Russel.

Script: I will give this one to MOS barely. I feel that both scripts had flaws, but good gracious SR copied the plot of Superman and made minor changes. Really! Lex and another land scheme. Did no one question this when filming and writing. I did like the intention of Superman's son and Lois not being to happy with Supes for essentially knocking her up and abandoning him.
The MOS script needed to be more linear and ironed out. There are too many time jumps that make you question what's going on. Most notably at the end when he kills Zod, cries then the very next scene is being snarky with the General.

Music: Tie, I love Flight, and Arcade but felt "How Could You Leave Us Like That" was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

Cinematography: SR, no shaky cam is enough to give this win to Singer. Plus he shot some really beautiful shots like Superman falling back to Earth unconscious.

Romance: I guess I have to give it a tie. Brandon as Kate were horrible but I did like their story. I liked that Lois found someone else and Superman had to suffer for his actions towards her. I also felt the flying was one of the most romantic scenes I have ever seen.
In MOS there wasn't a lot of romance or at least not the in your face kind. There was flirting and attraction but no real romance. NM it's not a tie I give this to SR though I hate not giving the romance card to Henry.

Superman: This isn't even a contest, Henry Cavill.

Villains: Faora, Zod, the other Krypto's. Even that skinny skeletal Kryptonian was better than Kevin Spacy as Lex.

Costume: MOS, not only because they got rid of the trunks, but also because of the cape (best cape ever). And the way Henry filled it out. There is one promo still of Brandon with his hands on his hips and his thighs look like they belong to a woman.

Flying: SR, again no shaky cam. MOS's flying was more powerful but you couldn't get a good look at it because it was either just a small speck on the screen or the close up were to shaky and went by to fast. The one thing I felt that should have been kept from SR was the idea that the movement while flying was like swimming.

Lois Lane: MOS I will always feel that Amy did not have Lois' spunk or attitude but at least she was playing Lois Lane, unlike Kate who was playing Lois Lane with a lobotomy. Coincidentally I feel that both the female sidekicks in both movies would have been better as Lois, Ayulet and Parker Posey.

Martha Kent: MOS

Perry White: MOS

Teenage Clark: MOS

Clark's Spaceship: SR


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