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Default Re: "Gotham" the TV Series coming to Fox -- how will effect the new Batman?

Seems like a general concensus on this show at this point is a fear that the prequel part of it will emulate Smallville more than Arrow, and we'll get stupid plots drug out past their expiration date unless there's at least some future Bat-activity in the show.

Am I right?

I mean, I could see smart writers and show runners hitting gold for probably about two or three seasons with just the old school and banal rogues gallery as the main fodder for episodes, but I do see a definite weakness if they can't then expand the story to include the Bat. Arrow has already showcased that a hero mostly formed is infinitely more interesting than watching someone slowly crawl towards each superpower, costume and relationship.

The way I see it, if Arrow and Flash prove that a separate TV continuity is a viable and imminently profitable business plan while the movies work as well, than the show will probably eventually expand its role from prequel to Year One/Zero Year. Because let's be honest, if Season one or Two ended with Gordon's butt being saved by some mysterious bat shaped vigilante, you'd tune in just to see that five minutes of screen time alone.

I do think that The Roman, the Maroni's, Thorne, Zsasz, and the Red Hood Gang would be well worth watching on a weekly basis for some time, especially if Gordon has to deal with Flass and Loeb at the same time. But at some point, we'd have to see the dawn of the freaks and Gordon become Commisioner.

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