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Default Re: "Gotham" the TV Series coming to Fox -- how will effect the new Batman?

If they were connected, I think it would be cool if season one (Fall 2014 to Spring 2015) ended with Gordon finally meeting Batman (not quite on-screen), a build up to his appearance in the summer 2015 movie.

Then starting in season two (Fall 2015) we get a year-one Batman on TV with an actor around age 30.

I wouldnt mind if they just saved Batfleck for the Justice League, forgoing solo movies (how many movies would Affleck do anyways?), and instead gave us the Batman stories on TV (for the 8-10 years before he meets Superman).

There's definitely more than enough material, it would be a change of pace from the Nolan films due to the episodic nature, they could use more long-term storytelling, the smaller budget would put the emphasis on detective stories, and it can all be pulled off without VFX. They would have already made the top-notch suit for the movies anyways.

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