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Default Re: Batman Vs Superman Manips & Art

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Naming it Knightfall makes absolutely no sense. Knightfall is a well known comic. If they named the sequel Man of Steel: Knightfall, it'd just be because it sounds cool. I think the title should be relevant to the plot, and that title wouldn't be at all. It's a horrible idea, I dunno how people can support it. There's no reason for that to be the title.
I love it. And I imagine it absolutely would be relevant to the plot. Not the plot of the Knightfall comic (the Bat being the one who breaks), but rather a flip of that scenario.

When paired with Superman, the word takes a new meaning.

(K)nightfall means the arrival of the night (and the Batman, in this context), but it also means, just as importantly, that the sun has gone down (where Supes gets his power)-- which together suggest an idea that a playing field has been leveled (not literally leveled just because it's nighttime obviously; but symbolically so), and that Superman might be the one to 'break'.

(which is line with their TDKReturns reference during the movie's announcement and all the talk of a less than friendly relationship between the two).

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