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Default Re: What direction would you have liked the third act to go in?

Originally Posted by Superhero 101 View Post
I would have loved it if the movie after Mariko and Logan stay at her Family house in Nagasaki,have Logan learning how to fight using a samurai sword. it could show him training with a neighbor of Mariko or something. the film would play out as it did with Mariko being kidnapped. And then at the climax instead of using his claws he fights Silver Samurai with a Yukio's sword. But I would have loved to have the grandfather become young and get out of the robot Silver Samurai and gear up in the traditional Samurai armor. And Logan's healing power still working heals him and then have Logan and SS duke it out.
That's what I would of loved too! I think it was the perfect opportunity to do that when they where at the family house with Mariko organising something for Logan and he is hesitant at first as always, but Logan agrees because he knows this may help him with everything he has been through with Jean etc so he learns the ways of the Samurai, using a sword, maybe to be calm in some Last Samurai style montage and all this makes Mariko appreciate Logan more and develops their relationship more.

Maybe something like this for the training scene:

Then when Mariko is kidnapped he almost forgets his training and goes berserk again for a while and looks for Noburo as played out and uses his claws for the Shingen fight and Ninja fight and then for the final battle Wolverine sees Mariko again and she says "remember the training" along those lines and he tries to stay calm again and remembers his training and fights the TRADITIONAL SS with Yashida's old sword from WW2 which brings it full circles. Logan fights with a little more strategy than Logan does when he usually fights and that helps him defeat SS.

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