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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
Oooo I wanna play!!!!

Music: Tie, I love Flight, and Arcade but felt "How Could You Leave Us Like That" was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

Cinematography: SR, no shaky cam is enough to give this win to Singer. Plus he shot some really beautiful shots like Superman falling back to Earth unconscious.

Flying: SR, again no shaky cam. MOS's flying was more powerful but you couldn't get a good look at it because it was either just a small speck on the screen or the close up were to shaky and went by to fast. The one thing I felt that should have been kept from SR was the idea that the movement while flying was like swimming.

Lois Lane: MOS I will always feel that Amy did not have Lois' spunk or attitude but at least she was playing Lois Lane, unlike Kate who was playing Lois Lane with a lobotomy. Coincidentally I feel that both the female sidekicks in both movies would have been better as Lois, Ayulet and Parker Posey.
Nice comments. Got some fun rebuttals for ya (edited your post to what I wanted to comment on).

Music: I did love "How Could You Leave Us Like That" and "You're not one of them". But the fact that Zimmer composed a brand new theme and had more action in his music...I gotta go with MOS.

Cinematography: No way in the world SR wins this. Seriously?! SR has nothing as epic as any of the following-
-Superman emerging from the fotress..cape billowing in the wind..
-Superman flying into Zod
-Superman being thrown into the vault
-Krypton...the whole thing.
I could go on and on. The scene with BR falling to earth was ok...but my gosh..everything else was horrid which brings me too...

Flying: Come on man! No way! Superman returns flying was CG just like MOS. The difference is it was TERRIBLE. They used CG when they didn't have too. He felt slow and a lot of the flying was at night where I could barely see him. Remember Superman's night flight with Lois in STM? Remember how you could actually see them? In can't see crap.

I disagree about the small peck on the screen...there were some incredible shots...especially the fact that he would fly while fighting. But I do agree, some of the shots could be even clearer or more graceful on certain aspects. SR plane rescue was the only good flying in the whole movie...with the exception of BR's blank stare that plagued his Superman performance.

Lois: I LOVED Amy's lois. For once she wasn't a b****. That's right I said it. You can have a strong, smart, independent woman without her always having to be so sarcastic, snarky, or down right irritating. I never liked that interpretation because it's never truly been Lois. I think Amy had enough wit (remember her bantering with Perry or the Military), she just didn't have it with Clark...and she's not supposed too. She's kinda in awe of the guy. That's what women do when they really like a guy, they tend to drop the 'attitude' per say.

But I respect your points. Just wanted a friendly SHH forum debate.

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