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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Boo-yaaa ! Agree 100% plus, my own thoughts.

1) the single thing that made me hate SR so much !

Superman, son of the greatest mind of Krypton,
Superman possessed of super-senses (X-ray vision, telescopic vision ) that are just part of his natural sensory apparatus
Superman, who has only ever faced one human who used Kryptonite against him....

SR wants us to believe that this Superman will land on an island, made, in large part OF THE ONE ****ING SUBSTANCE THAT CAN KILL HIM !
and then looked surprised when he gets his ass kicked, and nearly gets stabbed to death with it !

I just cannot accept Superman being that ****ING STUPID !!!!!!

I've argued this point to death and beyond with people, it just doesn't make sense -it's way past Tony picking a fight with the Mandarin, and not raising any defences, that's dumb......but nowhere near as galactically stupid as
what Superman did in SR.

(yeah, and he knocks up Lois and then buggers off to space, what a prick !).

Cavill's Superman is ten times the man that Routh's Superman was.
Like people have said, he may have godlike might, but he's not a god, he's fallible and that makes us like him more.

Also, there's no emotional payoff, Lex escapes the island and then is marooned on an island ha-ha-ha that's hillarious......**** you Bryan Singer !
(come on, after seeing those goons, and Lex kick the **** out of Superman,
they had a beating coming.....and instead most of them are crushed by rocks)

vs MOS, Zod tries to wipe out humanity, and Snap ! Superman ends the threat, once and for all.

At last Superman gets to throw a punch. The Smallville fight is the best
super-hero on Super-villain smackdown on screen to date.
(they fight in a hail of bullets and cannon fire, and don't even care !!! Awesomeness ! And Faora :1 US army : 0 , wow, she was badass
to the nth degree, best hench-person ever !)

2) SR is an un-original piece of **** !

Basically, it's an homage that's really just a re-hashing of a bunch of the elements of Donner and Reeve's films. Particularly when it comes to Lex Luthor:
- Lex Luthor finds the fortress of solitude, again.
-Superman saves a plane, again,
-Lex Luthor uses Kryptonite against Superman, again, and throws him into some water afterwards.
-Lex Luthor has a bunch of dumb goons, and a bimbo girlfriend, again.
- Lex Luthor's evil scheme is based around obtaining a market monopoly in real property (i.e. land).

**** me ! are there any original ideas in this film ?????

MOS is re-interpretation, that has all the key elements of the Superman myth, but with an original spin on them.
At least Snyder/Nolan and Goyer had the balls to come up with their own
ideas, or at least draw on source material that diverges significantly from

What they attempted to do, and I think largely succeeded, was bring
Superman into the 21st century, as we recognize it.

But this is all IMO. But come on, you walk out of MOS going "**** yeah!"
that "Welcome to the planet" line, sums up what the entire story was about,
a man finding his place in the world.

When I walked out of SR, I wanted to ask for my money back.

Don't even get me started on Lois Lane, Adams was a million times better than Bosworth - I've never been happy with how Lois was depicted onscreen, but Adams' Lois was likeable and finally cut the Gordian knot that is the central
problem with the character - not only does she know Clark is Superman/Kal-El, it's her that finds him !

or Zod, he was a much more understandable character than SR's Luthor.
Yeah, he's a bit crazy and a bit shouty, but he's not a cartoon character, like Lex.

So in summing up, MOS = epitome of awesome SR = epitome of crap.
I concur. I will sum it up by saying this...and this is by no means a disrespect to Donner's Superman. But this was the first time like I felt I was watching a grown @$$ man be Superman. LOVE Reeve, this Superman in MOS is something different to me. While Reeve held his punch against Ursa (because he's a gentleman even when the world is at stake) Cavill flew her into a dang truck because he knew the stakes. THAT's what I'm talking about. I'm all for no-violence against women..definitely. But when the world is at stake, all bets are off.

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