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Default Re: birthright or secret origin?

Originally Posted by Jochimus View Post
Same with me, but again, only narrowly.

In all blunt honesty, I've never been thoroughly satisfied with ANY of the Post-Crisis print versions of Superman's origin - It's a bits-and-pieces deal with me; I like chunks of BR, but also portions of Byrne's MOS, bits of SO, etc. BR happens to have more parts that I like than some of the others.

Outside of the comics, though, my favorite Post-Crisis version overall remains STAS' pilot, "Last Son Of Krypton".
One of my favorites as well.

I think I'm like you though. In my mind I've pieced together the best origins from all the all stories. BR though stands out on the art work and it flows more naturally as a story.

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I've heard so many people talk about how Superman would kill Lois if they ever had sex, but I've never heard someone make this point before and it's brilliant. If Superman's bodily fluids are so dangerous, then he'd have to use a kryptonite toilet every time he takes a dump.
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