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Default Re: BOBA FETT and Young HAN SOLO Spin-Offs Being Planned?

If marvel/disney can't get a Wolverine movie right, what hope is there for a Boba Fett movie? I think his character would be far better served with a really good game, ala Arkham City meets Splinter Cell meets GTA. It would be open world with vehicle travel, side quests (bounties), equipment and skills progression and could span his entire career.

A movie about him would have to be dark and gritty and that's not what either Marvel or Disney is about so I have no hope of anything they do being more than a cash-grab. If they did do it, they'd have to go the route of "Blade" and go full "R" rating and not hold back. Then he might get the film he deserves. And no, he should never take his helmet off, but if he does I'd suggest he's played by the following actors: Stephen Lang, Hugo Weaving or Willem Dafoe. They all have non-conventional looks and the acting chops to pull of the stone-cold demeanor of the character. Plus, if Hugo Weaving did the voice... pure bad***ery.

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