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Default Re: Should there be a stand alone Mystique film?

Originally Posted by Dr. Reme Lebeau View Post
So do you all think that the Mystique/Azazel?Nightcrawler connection will be touched upon in DOFP then? It seems to me that introducing Azazel in FC, and having both he and Mystique go with Magneto at the end implies that the connection would be explored.
Azazel was in FC so they could have a cool teleporter, Thats about it. And now he's confirmed dead in the DOFP viral. So that's that.

If she shows up again it should be with that cast and not a solo imo. They can continue to develop her there. New and existing characters who have not had the developed time she has had need to be given due....Cyclops, Storm, Deapdool, Gambit etc

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