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Default Re: Should there be a stand alone Mystique film?

Originally Posted by Dr. Reme Lebeau View Post
If you truly believe that the writers are really so two dimensional in their writing then more power to you. Given that Mystique and Azazel are Nightcrawler's parents and Nightcrawler has proven to be a popular character, I don't see why the creators would completely ignore the connection in subsequent films, given that they introduced Azazel (a relatively obscure X-character).
They already pretty much did, cause now the character died off screen in a viral add the GA will probably never read with the character only having said about 5 lines. It wasn't part of the story they wanted to tell. These films aren't lik the comics. He was chosen for his powers and cool action. This is nothing new in the X-Men film franchise. They picked more then a few characters based on set pieces. Banshee for example is in the film because they needed someone with the power to read sonar. There are interviews with the writers explaining how they chose a few characters and it becomes obvious that this also had to be the case for mute to barely speaking characters like Riptide/Azazel.

If they want that Mystique/Azazel connection it will have to be wrapped and done in DOFP. Not a solo. Cause he's gone.

Originally Posted by Dr. Reme Lebeau View Post
I do agree that more important characters need more attention, but if Fox is looking to expand the X-men cinematic universe in the same way as Marvel is doing with the Avengers, then I don't see why there couldn't be films about all these characters.
Because X-men has too many. They could develop many films. Im not saying it would be bad. Just that we dont need it. You have to choose them carefully. Mystique has her place within First Class and been in 5 films. Develop within those relationships not outside of them in a solo. I dont think there is a strong enough demand to warrant her a solo outside of the fact shes played by a popular actress. Id rather see her on screen interacting with her co stars in DOFP and FC.

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