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Default Re: IF Wolverine 3 happens,what should be the story of that movie?

Originally Posted by CaptainJJ View Post
I don't have to respect anyone's opinion, I only have to tolerate it. I'm not attacking anyone's opinion, I'm suggesting that people have low standards and expectations and studios love it. That's why we get 4 Transformers movies directed by Michael Bay. As long as people keep voting with their wallet, they have no motivation to change.
Yes, you do have to respect the opinions of others on this forum. It's one of those pesky rules we enforce to make sure discussion continues in a rational manner, without insults or personal attacks.

If you want to think anyone here has low standards, that's fine...but keep it to yourself.

No one is here to receive your approval about anything, and insulting them only makes things get bad for you, since blaming anyone here because you didn't like a movie is petty, stupid, and a waste of all of our time.

Got it?

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Would you like to take it out and ask it?
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