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Originally Posted by James.B View Post
Interesting little video-

Christopher Nolan: how Francis Bacon inspired my Batman films.
It's really interesting hearing a filmmaker speak about other artistic influences, especially something as traditional as fine art painting. I find it fascinating that for being such a Francis Bacon fan, his films aren't more David Lynch-like in terms of visual distortion and nightmare. The way that he's inserted the Bacon influences in his films (claustrophobic and mysterious atmosphere and plot) is quite subtle.

I wonder if he was influenced by Rene Magritte for Inception. After watching Inception, I went on a complete Magritte blitz in my local library.

Originally Posted by milost View Post
That painting was directly referenced in TDK, in Joker's hostage video with Brian Douglass. There's actually two giant slabs of meat hanging behind him.

I mean, I guess most of you thought it was a reference to B89, but I figured there must be a reason he was going directly to the source.

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