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Default Re: What direction would you have liked the third act to go in?

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
I would have made his fight with Shingen the final battle and revealed that he was the one behind the death of older Yashida. Make Viper and Harada working for him and have Harada be the Silver Samurai.

Keep the final battle more small and intimate in the Yashida home. Would have been how I would have ended it.
Yeah, I remember reading the Chris Claremont interview where he said that having both Shingen and Master Yashida as villains was a mistake and I agree. I would have preferred they made Harada a mutant as well as Shingen's illegitimate son like in the comics. Then when old man Yashida makes Mariko his heir, Harada agrees to help Shingen kill her in exchange for being legitimized and being named Shingen's new heir.

However, Shingen not wanting a mutant for an heir tries to betray Harada at the end. Then the final fight would be either against Shingen or the Silver Samurai, possibly both.

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