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Default Re: What direction would you have liked the third act to go in?

I'm not sure what I would've liked the 3rd act to be like. Assuming this means everything that happens after the ninja fight.

I just watched the extended version two times in a row, and I now think that even if the last act isn't my favorite part of the movie, it's's only a bonus for me. After all, I got a hobo logan, the funeral fight, train fight, Shingen fight and now the long ninja brawl. That's pretty much all I needed. The last act in the facility is just a nice bonus, even though it's not the best possible one.

I can stand Viper to some extent and Harada could've used more development too. Then again, the movie is already somewhat long as it is. It's like...I get that they're on this film, but it could've managed without them too, obviously making parts of the movie a little different.

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