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Default Re: Is Svartalfheim and the other Nine Realms what you expected them to look like?

This may have been discussed before, but did anyone have a guess as to which realm Bor hid the Aether in when he zapped it away in the prologue, and where Jane later encounters it?

It wan't Midgard (because when Jane was there Heimdall said he couldn't see her in realm or something like that), I don't think Bor would bury it in Svartalfheim, it didn't look like it could be Jotunheim at all.

There was some sort of abandoned subterranean city around it, it looked to me. Niffelheim maybe?

EDIT: Oh duh, it was being discussed on the last page.
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I was thinking that perhaps the place where the Aether was hidden was Hel. It could have been Svartalfheim, but it wouldn't make sense to leave it there IMO.

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