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Default Re: Release dates for Wolverine 3 & X-Force?

Let's be real.SOny doesn't have rights to other marvel heroes.The most they could do In Venom and Black cat films.As for sinster 6 they actual have to have 6 live villains to do that.

I think when DIsney should remain quiet on release dates till they are ready to say what the films are.

Thor while domesticly It will outgross first film It sure won't approach Box office of any of the Iron Man films.Who knows what Cap will do In april.It could perform like thor 2.Remember first cap did less than first thor.

As for X-Men Inless Fox gives it the ID sequel spot we are looking at late july or sometime In august due to films already on the schedule.And there Is no gurante that wolverine and X-Force will be out In same year.I think wolverine Is more likely.While they are further along with writing on X-force wolverine has a more set director+Hugh jackman.The writer of X-Force still hasn't been announced as director.Plus with the release schedule they could use a star for a X related film for 2016.

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