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Default Re: The official Michael Fassbender / Magneto thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I wonder why they didn't mention Emma/Riptide? Maybe there are more updates for this viral site?

Anyway, I haven't visited the site yet but they didn't really name Angel Salvadore as Tempest?
One of her code names is Tempest. It didn't surprise me that they chose this name in article.

1963 "Summer of Hate". Several mutants across the country were killed that year, including two members of Lehnsherr's Brotherhood of Mutants. Azazel and Tempest were slain by Project: Wide awake operatives in July. Records state mutant duo ambushed the operatives.
I think Emma and Riptide didn't participate in that ambush. Or when Azazel and Tempest were killed they just run away, maybe even to another country.

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