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Default Re: Release dates for Wolverine 3 & X-Force?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Just because other studios are pumping out movies every year, or twice a year, it doesn't mean other studios should do it.
Doesn't mean they wont/shouldnt either.Daredevil and X2 both came out in 2003 3 months from eachother and Elektra and FF both in 2005 7 moths. So they have released 2 marvel films in a year three previous times counting TW and DOFP. It wouldn't exactly be something new for Fox if they did this again post DOFP. Or even in 2015, if they see an opportunity. Especially in todays comic obsessed world and since they can only expand with X-Men and FF now. Fox was releasing multiple Marvel films in the same year before Marvel studios.

I doubt we will ever get direct sequels every year. But X-Force, Wolverine and X-Men will all be night and day. They wont look like Fox is coming out with the same film every year. And with possible crossover's between films to bigger events, that makes it even more likely. Fox is gonna be looking at the best ways for all their characters and universe to make money. That means staying consistent and keeping up in todays film market while finding a balance.

We know for sure that Fox wants to expand and they are probably waiting on DOFP numbers to give them the greenlight as too how far that expansion will go since thats their main seller. If those numbers aren't as high as they expect, things will be slowed down. Wolverine and DOFP are actually the easiest given the lead for the audience to connect the franchise right now. That hardly feels like over saturation, and they are 10 months apart. Even with the same lead, thats no overkill. TW Blu-Ray/digital sales are also gonna go up prior to DOFP's release, especially since they are so close.

If Fox does big numbers with DOFP, I suspect they will do at the least an X film a year unless something tells them otherwise and proves not to work. Obvioulsy Wolverine's box office made them more then happy within that crowded summer. So they are not expecting every film to make 150m domestic as long as the film turns profitable ww based on the budget.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
And as if the X-Men movies have the same strength as those other movies. Lets be real. And since you mentioned Thor, that movie is doing not so well in the United States. I imagine it would have performed worse if it didn't get the so called Avengers boost.
It aint exactly doing bad, and will see an increase over Thor 1. Were talking about Thor, five years ago no one gave two ****s about the character besides comic fans. Now a solo film can get to over 600m ww. Thats impressive, anyway you break it down.

DOFP can easily be the flick that sets X-Men and Fox on making more money with their films if its a crowd pleaser. It doesn't take long to set things in motion nowadays.

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