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Awesome Re: Is Superman A Jesus Metaphor?

I have heard this before and I wonder about it myself because seems like it is the case. The makers were Jewish so it very well could be that they incorporated it without even knowing it due to their culture and upbringing.

It is also expected that people would see Superman as Moses because Moses is in fact a shadow of Jesus, which is why his story fits so well. But When looking at MoS it is seems like the directors were definitely aiming for a Christ Metaphor(and just in case, for anyone wondering, Jesus Christ is not a first and last name, Christ is the greek word for messiah), specifically the scene where he is in a Christ suffering pose when exiting Zod's ship above Earth's orbit going to rescue Lois Lane.

Now, with any metaphor, you are going to have some failures to match up. Superman just isn't quite Jesus, it's to be expected. Superman was created by man, and Man created God. It only makes sense that we couldn't do better or even match up.

So, I would say that there are a lot of things that just match up too well for Superman to not be a metaphor for Jesus. I mean the S means savior right? A sign of Hope? (just kidding, I know it isn't really an S guys.... or so they say)

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