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Default Re: The Batman Reboot JOKER Casting Thread

I'm sure it's been said a zillion times, but after Ledger's masterful Joker-as-darkest-part-of-man (Goyer's dialog aside), and Jack Nicholson's perfect take on the more playful, fun side, I think the role should probably be retired for a while. The New 52 Riddler is so compelling that I think it's really time to see that character.

If it does go forward, Willem Dafoe is really the only choice. You need that level of a hallowed-name actor to bridge the gap between the Ledger & Nicholson version. Essentially, he'd have to play it straight out of the comics/Arkham games, the quintessential non-movie Joker, finally come to life. If the new version of Batman is one that is unabashed in taking its inspiration from the comic/animated/videogame universes, I'd be very happy. That said, I think Joker is rarely done as well in the comics, etc. as he was done by Jack & Heath. The film versions of Joker have always outshined the film versions of Batman. There are plenty of characters from the universe who are waiting for their definitive representations (Batman, Alfred, Grayson, Riddler, Freeze, etc.), but I do think Nolan got Joker, Bane, and maybe even Scarecrow down about as good as they can be done for this age. It's the one aspect of his films that I'm okay with.

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