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Default Re: Who Should Be The Big Bad In Thor 3?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
SURTUR !!!!!!!

It's a logical follow up to the Dark Elves, and that classic story was also famous for a Thor + Loki + Odin team up, which would be a great way to
resolve their issues.

But Surtur, he's straight out of Norse Mythology's version of hell (and looks like it too). Can't you see Hemsthor, Hiddleston and Hopkins taking on a 1000 foot tall demon....sheer awesomeness !

I think the plot should be something like: Loki gets in over his head as ruler of Asgard, with Surtur's forces approaching. So he confides in Thor, who subsequently wants to hammer-smash Loki's face in. Of course, Thor can't do that, because only Loki knows where/how to retrieve Odin, who is hidden away in another of the 9 Realms. They retrieve Odin just in time to confront Surtur in Asgard. Meanwhile, Jane is doing something sciencey off-screen...

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