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Default Re: Release dates for Wolverine 3 & X-Force?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
That's irrelevant to the fact they are willing to put out multiple films, and they have done so three times now. Also, Daredevil was a success financially. It grossed over double its budget ww and over 100m domestically and it wasnt even a summer flick.

TW did fine. The quality since X2 went down until FC which looked like a new start with a whole new cast. You can't expect these films to carry the weight as their peak until they settle in. TW is playing make up and FC is just getting started. Much like the OT you cant expect these films to have X3 numbers right away, other things come into play.
I wouldn't call the Daredevil film a true success especially if you compare it to the WW grosses of X1/FF1, it didn't even earn more than $200 million worldwide.

And you have to consider if Fox is willing to release more than 1 Marvel film per year, they could compromise the quality of the films and the more films they release per year, probably, there will be less effort to the marketing.

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