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Default Re: Did viewing info/spoilers mess with your MOS experience? Will you avoid it this t

I usually keep myself quite spoiler free, and did so this time so most of MOS was a pleasant surprise. But I actually couldn't but help, even when not actively looking for the info, but find out about the ending with Zod. I didn't want to know but found out here. At the time I was not sure if it would be true or not, but even going down to the wire on the film I thought that Snyder and Co. weren't going to go there. I was wrong, yet the actual moment in the theatre still had a ton of impact for me. My jaw was already hanging low through most of the film's runtime and when the end of the Zod fight came my chin whiskers were certainly feeling a sticky floor. So I guess this worked for me, even with the information before hand. Still, I think just like last time once the threads start becoming a spoiler mine-field I will take a leave until I actually see the movie.

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