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Default Re: Are you tired of Iron Man being overexposed?

Originally Posted by TeeKay View Post
So when you STOP and think about it, while Wolverine and Iron Man are both featured more prominently than any of their cast mates, Iron Man's usage doesn't actually turn his supporting castmates into plot point placeholders and cardboard cutouts of actual characters. Iron Man shines the brightest, but he never blocks out the sun to the point that you don't even notice other people are relevant to the movie. Btw, you should have a made a thread called 'Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed'. Just my two cents.

Truth and truth. I personally am always miffed when Iron Man is featured so much over his castmates, and I realize that starts with the way the universe was conceived, long before Avengers was ever scripted. But yeah, he can't hold a candle to Wolverine, which is probably why First Class was easily my favorite X-Men film.

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