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Default Re: Did viewing info/spoilers mess with your MOS experience? Will you avoid it this t

Originally Posted by gdw View Post
"then turned an enlightened man into a Kryptonian Rorschach."
What??? Look, I understand the general issue with Superman killing, but that's an insane comparison.

Superman took out Zod because it was the ONLY option in that situation. It had nothing to do with vengeance, or punishment, ala Rorschach.

Again, it was Zod, another Kryptonian, not just a human, or any other threat he could stop with his superior abilities. The entire point of the scene was made painfully clear; Zod was an unstoppable force, and he was a direct threat to a terrified family, and there was no other way for Superman to save them in that moment.

Now, one can certainly argue that Superman would have never let such a situation occur in the first place, but this was, literally, his first battle ever. He threw his first punch that same day. This was clearly meant to be an imperfect, inexperienced Superman. That was the point.

I'm surprised with your characterization of the Nolan Batman films, as his weak as spit commitment to "no killing" was a joke in those films.

As for the comics, the situation in which Superman kills Zod, and his two companion Kryptonians, was actually far more reprehensible. It also was no where near as far back as when Batman was permanently disposing of villains, this was back in 1988.
Zod and his ilk were actually already depowered by gold kryptonite, and imprisoned. They had killed the entire population of their pocket universe's Earth, and this was their sentence.

It was not until the powerless, and locked up, Zod threatened to find a way to get out and then kill Superman that Superman decided to kill them.

Not that it justifies what happened in the movie, but it's relevant.

One thing I have yet to hear from those complaining about what Superman did in MOS is an alternative. How was he supposed to have handled that?
If there was no other real option for him in that moment, then it's just complaining that they wrote him into that situation, rather than it actually being a betrayal of his character.
1. Nolan Connection. Batman in the films honored his policy once: with the Joker. The rest he caused circumstances that created their deaths, which is an entirely different ballpark, in terms of the degrees of intention and knowledge.

2. I read a blog on iO9 that made a good point about the killing of Zod:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I have two problems with letting Superman kill anybody, whether Zod in Man of Steel, Zod of Superman II, or any of those other deaths you’ve mentioned (and admittedly there have been a few). The first problem is that it breaks the character. In Man of Steel, Superman has to kill Zod to keep him from murdering a family, right? Well, other villains like Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Metallo and the rest also kill innocent people — why doesn’t Superman kill them during their evil plots? And then, since we all know Lex Luthor and all of Superman’s other bad guys are going to kill innocent people the next time they show up, shouldn’t Superman simply hunt them down and kill them now for that same “greater good”? Aren’t they always going to kill innocent people? If he’s killing Zod to save that one family, why doesn’t he kill all his other villains to prevent all those other future innocent people from dying?


3. The author reaffirms the point I made:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Superman is especially the character that is supposed to inspire us to aspire to something greater. That’s his whole damn point. He is supposed to represent humanity at its best. He’s supposed make the right decision even when they doesn’t seem to be one. When faced with two impossible choices — like, say, killing Zod or letting an innocent family die — he’s supposed to somehow figure out a third option, so he wins without compromising his principles. That’s his greatest superpower — to always do the right thing.

4. While I do not care for the execution and the stupid, stupid joke ("he's hot") I've let go a lot of the harsher criticisms I tendered. Excluding the endgame of the film, the only complaint I have is with the overabundance of greys, with the color correction. Still, the film has some moments of beauty and poetry, and it's well acted and written (I loved the DBZ influence.) Excluding those final sequences, I'd rate the film a 4.5/5 easily.


Originally Posted by NosfeRomas View Post
I read only half of these nonesence(sorry pal, no offence). Nikos Kazantzakis and Martin Scorsese have your answer
Before you declare someone's post nonsense, you might want to proofread your own posts. Just sayin'. Oh, and your video link isn't working either.

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