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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
I'd guest call the X-Force movie "X-Force" myself.
Wolverine: Omega is a cool titles. I also think that "Wolverine: The Savage Hunt" or "Wolverine: Blood and Snow" could work as well.
X-Factor could simply be "X-Factor" as well, although "Mutant Massacre" is a good subtitle if they want one.
I'm pretty sure that Marvel owns the rights to Kang, so the Fantastic Four movies couldn't use him. I was thinking "Fantastic Four: Annihilus" myself.
Age of Apocalypse could also work as the big X-crossover.

There are two AoA problems that I see. 1. How will the timeline be messed up again? This plot was already done in DOFP. 2. The title is similar to Age of Ultron.

Apocalypse should be a big crossover but it should be a mashup of X-Cutioner's Song, Endgame, Apocalypse Solution and The Twelve with X-Cutioner's song as the title (Apocalypse Solution also works). I personally would kill off Angel in X-Factor, then bring him back as a Horseman with Sugar Man, Frenzy and Gauntlet.

I mean, Age of Apocalypse COULD be done but that would mean that Deapool couldn't be made since the script doesn't use the AoA timeline. If we're getting a soft reboot, Apocalypse would probably be handled differently.

I just feel that a mashup of different Apocalypse stories would work better. Imagine young Nate Summers being infected with the techno organic virus, cryogenically frozen and Cable telling him that everything is going to be alright, then Cyclops tells Cable how proud he is of him.

With regards to an X-Factor subtitle, it's also the name of a TV show. It requires one for copyright reasons. Like when it comes to X-Factor storylines, my top 3 are Mutant Massacre, X-Tinction Agenda, The Longest Night, Endgame and Inferno. I mean, three of those are crossovers so they could belong to another team but I personally feel that Mutant Massacre fits X-Factor better to start the Cyclops/Sinister rivalry and have Angel's wings broken which is why he turns to the dark side. X-Tinction Agenda tonally is the closest to Xavier's team, hence why it would be part of the Uncanny Franchise and the story would be a cross between that and Phalanx Covenant.

And are people here sure that Kang isn't shared? I thought he'd be something like Quicksilver and Viper. I mean, Kang's terrible future is why he hates Apocalypse and tried to defeat him back in ancient Egypt but the Fantastic Four intervened. I mean, I'm not sure how anyone could do Kang as a villain unless Apocalypse was involved somehow since that's his entire motivation. He's just as much a Fantastic Four baddie as he is an Avengers' villain.

For the next phase, I'd probably do

Uncanny X-Men: Fatal Attractions (Magneto builds Avalon but is corrupted by Fabian Cortez who lies about Genosha attacking Avalon so he'll declare war on humanity.)

X-Force: Assault on Weapon Plus (Domino is forced to head back to the Weapon X labs where where she was bred as a weapon. The team recruits X-23 and Fantomex.)

Fantastic Four: Doom (The Fantastic Four go to Latveria where Doctor Doom rules with an iron fist as a corrupt dictator.)

Wolverine: Sins of the Father (Daken wants revenge on the father who abandoned him)

X-Factor: Inferno (Sinister has his revenge and Jean faces her clone who thought she was Jean all along)

(Crossover) Secret Wars. The three different X-Teams and Fantastic Four face off against the Beyonder while Sinister and Doom team up and Magneto simply goes his own way. Upon learning he has a daughter, Wolverine leaves the Uncanny X-Men to join X-Force.

Fourth Phase

Uncanny X-Men: Operation Zero Tolerance (Bastion who's old Sentinel code from the 70s who uploaded himself the the early internet surfaces and organizes the Purifiers to destroy the X-Men.

X-Force: Messiah Complex. A Mutant is born who the Askani (including Cable) believe is sacred and claim her destiny is to be a leader for the cause of mutant rights is being hunted down by Sinister.

X-Factor: The Longest Night

Fantastic Four: Hunger

(Crossover) Secret Invasion (Skrulls invade earth covertly and are led by Super Skrull. Only Reed Richards can stop them.)

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