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Default Re: Release dates for Wolverine 3 & X-Force?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
So what? Daredevil had the 2nd highest grossing Febuary opening of all time back then only behind Hannibal ( which had an already established following), with a 45% RT and not many people knowing who he is. These films dont all need summer release dates. Elektra would have never been green lit if Daredevil wasn't successful, which it was. I know you have this way of thinking every film needs to be compared to others in order to be a true success, but I completely disagree with that notion.
Okay, I get it. for you a film that grossed $179 million worldwide is a big success. Well guess what, I disagree with that.

And I guess you'd be fine if X-Force got a February release date and if it gets less than $200 million worldwide, you would be content it. And there's a reason why most CBM films are being released in the summer. Because summer is usually crowded for movies and a lot of people like to spend their money watching movies during the summer. But months like February, January, September, most likely, people aren't driving themselves every weekend to the nearest theater to watch the latest flick.

No its really not, as far as when they put these into production. Regardless, Fox have done it two other times with their Marvel films. It's not crazy to think they can do it again when they now only own X-Men and FF. But think what you will. Good/crowd pleasing movies is what will matter in the end either way. Doesn't matter how far the two completely different comic films are apart. Be it 3 months or a year. Every month of the year is now turning into a window. Summer is no longer the only option. These multiple X films will look different, and Fox wants to expand X-Men not hold back. They didn't hire Millar just to sit back and plan out one movie every three years. They wouldn't need him at all if thats their plan. He's getting filmmakers other then Singer tied to X projects. Thats confirmed with X-Force. If DOFP is a success, get ready for more X flicks.
Great if you think any movie could achieve success in months like January, February, October and September. You do know that a movie has to be really good like Gravity to break records and sell a lot of tickets in a quiet month for movies.

And hiring Mark Milar doesn't equal to "big plans for the future" he's merely giving Fox suggestions. But as of right now, nothing big has happened since Mark Milar was hired by Fox.
Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Not really, Marvel releases two films a year. Heck, they're releasing Ant Man only a couple of months after Avengers 2, their BIG event movie. You can do it, you'd just have to spread them out. For instance, have the big movie in the summer and the more obscure one at some other point in the year when the competition won't be as heavy.
The thing about MCU is their properties are way diverse than the different branches of X-Men.

Release Wolverine/X-Force in 2015 and people would automatically think mutants and X-Men spin-offs especially if FOX made it clear to the audience that X-Force is the latest X-Men spin-off.

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