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Default Re: Release dates for Wolverine 3 & X-Force?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Okay, I get it. for you a film that grossed $179 million worldwide is a big success. Well guess what, I disagree with that.

And I guess you'd be fine if X-Force got a February release date and if it gets less than $200 million worldwide, you would be content it. And there's a reason why most CBM films are being released in the summer. Because summer is usually crowded for movies and a lot of people like to spend their money watching movies during the summer. But months like February, January, September, most likely, people aren't driving themselves every weekend to the nearest theater to watch the latest flick.
Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Great if you think any movie could achieve success in months like January, February, October and September. You do know that a movie has to be really good like Gravity to break records and sell a lot of tickets in a quiet month for movies.
I dont care what breaks records. As long as these films do good by the studio, find a strong audience and tell good stories there should be no issue. I feel bad for whoever thinks every film needs to hit that mark of popularity because its never gonna happen. These films dont need to do that in order to be a success. Your smoking some funk **** if you think everything needs to hit those marks. Since X-Men never hit Avenegrs and Dark KNight level box office I guess that makes them a flop

...and that every film needs to be released in the Summer peak of MAy-July fad Is disappearing. You only named three months of the 12. JAnuary is seeing two franchise films this year. And Febuary has Robocop and The Lego Movie. Times are changing. MArvel is releasing their flicks in Nov, April and August. And films like Alice, 300 and OZ etc have big business in MArch. The assumption that Fox needs those summer dates or else nothing is false, especially when it comes to some of these X solo films, like Wolverine and Deadpool. Summer was too damn crowded this year and ended up hurting more then a few films because of the speed these blockbusters are released now.

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