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Default Re: Is Thor "Too Difficult" A Character To Do Well?

I think the Thor movies are good at their best if not at their worst merely passable adaptations of the source material. Even with the hurdles they are faced with. They have to

A. make a film about gods and magic that is grounded in the same vein as a universe that includes Iron Man.
B. make a film about a viking god of thunder with two foot diameter biceps portrayed by an human actor who has a reasonably shaped body.
C. Tell years of stories accurate to both decades of comics as well as centuries of norse mythology in the span of two two hour films.

And the primary Asgardian cast (Thor/Loki/Odin) are doing a phenomenal job with the dynamic you are speaking of. Those three are the reason I watch these films.

I think this question needn't be asked about Thor, but rather CapAm and Supes. Those blue boyscout type characters are the ones that people have trouble relating to. Not the noble but arrogant man with family issues struggling to balance his focus between all nine realms of his life.

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