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Default Re: Are you tired of Iron Man being overexposed?

Originally Posted by Doc Ock View Post
I don't like Iron Man popping up as the main poster character thought Marvel media though. I miss the Spidey days.
I miss the Spidey days as well, though I think Iron Man earned that spot in recent years. Spidey needs better movies coming out, which I don't really see happening for a long while. That's okay with me, though. Spidey had his day in the sun for a while, and it was pretty sweet.

Seriously, though: The hype I had for Spider-Man 2 and 3 are unmatched. Even my hype for The Avengers didn't quite meet my excitement for those Spider-Man movies. Those were the days ...


Top 10 Comic Book Films: (1) Spider-Man 2, (2) Spider-Man,
(3) The Avengers, (4) Iron Man,
(5) The Dark Knight,
(6) Captain America: The Winter Soldier, (7) Guardians Of The Galaxy, (8) Deadpool, (9) Kick-Ass,
(10) Batman '89

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