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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

On another note, if I were to give my take on what I'd like to see Lois do, regarding her own individual arc that wasn't tied to her relationship with Superman per say, within her potentially next three appearances on film (WF/MOS 2, JL, and MOS 3), then this is how I'd go about it.

1. In the upcoming new film, have her and Clark go off the grid to investigate more about Lex Luthor and Batman, who are both on their pursuit (for different reasons, but mainly because they're after Superman). Lois would be a key player in figuring out and putting the pieces together with her investigative skills that help bring down Lex from his reign of power over society/Metropolis.

2. In the Justice League film, Lois would help Clark find and locate some of the other heroes that are emerging across the globe.

3. In Man of Steel 3, I wouldn't mind the "War of New Krypton" arc being adapted in some way for this film where Superman has to end up leaving the planet temporarily in order to help maintain the peace between his people and Earth. We could just say that rather than Kandor and its inhabitants having been trapped in Brainiac's ship all this time, that they were just one of the scout ships that managed to survive all along and grew into their own society that eventually comes into contact with Superman.

During this time, Lois would off on her own and she would be a key part in helping to help people and convince them that the Kandorians aren't there enemy and that humanity shouldn't be so quick to shun away them or Aliens in general. Her father, Gen Sam Lane, could be brought into this where there could be conflict arisen between them like there was in the comics due to Sam Lane's unethical actions against Superman and his people.

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