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Default Re: Did viewing info/spoilers mess with your MOS experience? Will you avoid it this t

i stalked the internet the minute news was confirmed for MOS - it lead me down many paths! At first i was let down that smallville would be home to a battle sequence - out of context it looked a bit of an anti climax, too convenient etc. We had nothing of Metropolis or the planet which worried me - i kinda missed it in MOS!
The alaska scenes and oil rig scenes were cool, it gave me hope of a type of explorer clark - the movie only skimmed on this aspect - i wanted a lot more from the oil rig scene.
The tornado scene and the fake synopsis of him catching a car got me going - the final product was good, but not great.

I felt like we would have a 'begins' style film, with him using his powers around globe, with an alien invasion in smallville and lois tracking him down for help.

In a way we got that - the smallville scenes were excellent - the style of the film was different to the epic style in the first teaser - they were pretty much all flash backs, hence the dreamy style.

The film was not what i was expecting, i was hoping for baby clark with parents, more on the oil rig, learning more about clark, each scene or segment finished before i wanted too!

I mean, Jaws as an example was a great movie, the banter and togetherness on the boat, if that tone was taken and we had 10 minutes of learning about clark, as he talks to his crew mates on the trawler, to the build up of the oil rig would have served far more to the movie than Jor El jumping onto a dragon.

The whole kryptonian sequence should have been scrapped and parts used for flash backs - the zod in superman's mind was pointless too, in my mind.

Basically, with everything shot (the extra scenes not used of interrogation room, oil rig etc) a fan cut could be amazing.

Don't get me wrong, i loved the suit reveal, flight, smallville fight etc but it felt like a long looong trailer

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