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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

If they don't make Superman a public figure..i.e. no interviews, no close up pictures etc his disguise can work. The only people Clark would have to worry about are his co-workers, possibly the government.

His co-workers might be suspicious if Clark always leaves when danger happens. Again IF Superman isn't a public celebrity type who's going to say he's Superman if nobody has a good view/picture of Superman?

You're average joe isn't going to recognize some guy walking down the street as Superman either. Especially if there aren't any pics of Superman. Go the red/blue blur way like in Smallville.

The Military at least the higher ups probably have a good idea of who Superman is. He told them he grew up in Kansas. Clark has had incidents of saving people in extraordinary ways in his youth. Not sure if they made the paper, but if a superpowered being says he grew up in Kansas, then you read/hear about extraordinary events in Smallville....

So really it's the Military who probably knows or can find out he's Clark. Which would make for an interesting plot in a future Superman or Justice League movie...Amanda Waller anyone? Just introduce a JL member who can erase memories, problem solved.

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