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Default Re: BvS villain poll

I chose just Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller. I want a "Public Enemies" plot in this sequel. Have Superman seen as threat, a big threat. The government does whatever it takes to take him down.

Not sure if I'd want Metallo. TBH I never thought Metallo was a big threat. All Superman has to do against him is keep his distance. Obvisously his first encounter against Metallo he wouldn't know that but...

Another reason I don't care for Metallo is Kryptonite. I don't want to see it in any of these Superman/Justice League movies. It's so overused and a cop out.

The villians in the poll imo don't fit with this sequel. Some of them would be great in a Justice League movie though. By then Superman would be more established, other heroes would of come forward, as well as villians. The MOS Universe is still too new for DD, Mongul or any other alien like villian. Even Bizarro wouldn't fit imo.

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