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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

I personally don't mind Batman having trunks, but I would prefer him without them.

While not everything about a costume needs to be explained Nolan-style or have a function to it, the trunks are without a doubt the least important/functional part of a superhero's costume. If you were to make a list of everything in Batman's suit and were forced to get rid of the thing you see as the least important, most people would go with the trunks (even the pro-trunks group).

I get the impression that people think getting rid of the trunks is an attempt to "modernize" a costume or to "add realism" or to "not embrace the comics" or things among those lines. I don't see it as that. I see it as a natural thing that was going to go away on its own regardless of how classic or true-to-the-source-material things stay. In my opinion, trunks are to superheroes what tails are to human beings - a leftover trace of a previous era.

As Snyder said, the trunks are "dated" in the sense that they come from the Victorian era. However, trunks disappeared from superheroes throughout history way before the 2000's. Most Marvel characters, which were created at a later time, did not have trunks when they were originally created. Most of the DC characters created with trunks also lost them long before the New 52 (such as Green Arrow, Aquaman, Hawkman etc.). Batman specifically also lost his trunks in the 90's and then in Morrison's run prior to the New 52, and Morrison is far from a "everything needs to be realistic" guy.

In the same way, our species used to have tails in a previous era. As the centuries passed, we evolved and lost the tail. We still have a few humans born with tails every now and then but the vast majority of humans no longer have tails and the human tail will continue on its path towards complete extinction as time goes on.

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