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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
That is only the tip of the iceberg.

1) There is no way I can buy people not being able to track him down if freakin' Lois was able to track him down so easily. The government would do it overnight.

2) He tells the general he is 33 years old and grew up in Kansas. That narrows the search down so much.

3) They announce on public television that Lois Lane knows who this person is (and if memory serves me right, it was on CNN out of all channels). Realistically speaking, anyone close to Lois and close to the Daily Planet would be investigated in the future.

4) The Kryptonians land at the Kent Farm (just as you said) and we even see the US army tracking them down while they're on their way there.

5) We see Lois yelling "Clark!" while the police officer is there (as you said) and sees Clark in full costume.

Honestly, they did a horrendous job. I would have completely been fine with the glasses identity had Clark Kent been just an ordinary guy with no known connections to Superman (or to people/places associated with Superman) whatsoever. They took a concept people had trouble accepting in the first place and made it 1000 times harder for it to be accepted. It is incredible poor writing on their part.
Great post!

There was this poster, I don't remember his name, he just basically refused to accept that the government or anyone in the world would know where the aliens landed!!!

I'll look up some of his posts and quote them here.

Edit: Below are some of them.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
They destroyed a lot of things. Not just the Kent house. They destroyed half of Smallville.

And the layperson would know that they weren't just at the Kent farm trying to find out how to find someone or get somewhere

And the layperson would know that maybe they weren't just taking a hostage or

And who, pray tell, SAW them at the Kent farm? Again, it's a remote location, and for all we know, Zod's ships have some kind of cloaking tech. Lord knows they travel fast enough that most people wouldn't see them landing.

What else have you got?
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I never said that. I said the film doesn't show anyone else seeing what happened at the Kent farm other than Lois and those directly involved, so complaining about such a possibility is kind of silly. It is entirely possible that the UFO was seen by someone else. But from a logical standpoint, even if the UFO WAS seen on the Kent farm, what does that prove, exactly, about Clark's role in events, to the average person?

These aliens landed in and tore up half of Smallville. That they also tore up the Kent farm (and several other farms, it appears) doesn't exactly point the finger at Clark being Superman in context.
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
The world doesn't necessarily know that happened. Did you see any government forces surrounding the Kent farm? Anyone else but the aliens and Clark and his mother?

Wow. That was hard.
Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
They don't even need to deny that they landed at the Kent farm. They can instead claim that the aliens landed in 200 or 300 places, they can even instruct CNN/Fox News/MSNBC to interview "ordinary American" Martha Kent about how awful it was and about how Superman came to save her, have that interview go on for five or six seconds, then cut to the next victim, then to the next.
Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
Because they don't want everybody else to know what they know. Alien life ha just revealed himself on Earth. He has a lot of powers, and there was just an alien invasion. The most rational thing to do is to use a wait-and-see approach, and that means repressing information.

Further, if other governments know then they can initiate their own investigations and maybe acquire information that the US has not picked up.

Hiding 9/11 or Tiananmen Square is impossible, hiding and obfuscating the details though is quite doable and in fact that is the case.
Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
There are a lot of things that happened in public. If the military tells the media all about what happened in Metropolis and in the Indian Ocean, and they make up some stories about events in a dozen small towns, nobody employed in the media will think to go to Smallville, Kansas.

They'll just copy and paste from government press releases. There are countless historical examples of this.
Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
1) We don't know what the predator drone was for. Superman assumes it was to figure out where he hangs his cape, but it may have been for other reasons. The military may have simply wanted to track him, to measure his top speed, etc and perhaps they already know his identity, but they want more information. For all we know the entire purpose of the drone was to see if Superman would destroy the drone.

2) If the military doesn't want journalists around Smallville, then they'll be gone. The media in the USA doesn't ask the hard questions, and that's both by design and due to the system. This is well-documented.
Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
If a powerful faction in the military decides to protect his secret from public consumption by imposing a no investigative journalism zone around Smallville, then there will be no issue. The media in the US is extremely obedient to the government.

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