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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

That's interesting Herolee.

I definitely want Lois investigating something connected to Luthor in the next movie. I'd like her to do this independently of Clark because she knows Luthor is dangerous and she is trying to protect him, which would be kind of novel. I'm not sure how Bats/Bruce would figure in. If the title of this turns out to be BvS then I think there would have to be a component where maybe her investigation crosses with Batman. There are a couple of different ways that could play out. My guess is any future films will deal with aliens and meta humans. It seems that in this universe Supes is the first meta human/alien to reveal himself, but there are others. I could see a JL movie being an "us" verses them deal with some meta humans taking different sides in the fray because of all the suspicions surrounding people with powers. Then they could band together for a greater threat.

The one thing that MOS did that I thought played well was it showed a lot of everyday people were affected by the invasion and Supes subsequent fight with Zod. This is a good lead in to the fact that some people might trust him while others don't.

As for Lois in any future JL films, it's likely that with all the other time that has to be given to other characters her role will be minimal. It could be just the traditional kidnap his girlfriend to pull Superman into the mix. That's why I'm hoping any JL film is the launch of JL only. I'm hoping that's not considered a Superman sequel...though knowing WB it could be, so I don't have high hopes.

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