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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

I feel SR had better cinematography because of Supes flying scenes and the beauty of the Lois and Supes flying together. You mention that you can't see Supes flying because its dark but in MoS you can't see him flying because the camera is shaking so bad. There were some scenes where he looked like a dot on a movie screen like when he is flying through the meadow. I will admit there were some good shots of him flying like when he flies between the rock structure than shoots up into the air. I just think they could have done better and should have done better. Both SR and MOS had some cool flyi moments, for SR it's when he is saving Metropolis and he catches a guy falling, puts him on the ground and keeps going. Then he later turns on his back while flying, I just liked seeing that one. MOS had Clark flying into Zod then skating along the ground on top of him while beating the crap out of him. Also apparently he does some acrobatics/flips but they happen so fast you can't see them.

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