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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
But that's not needed. You dont need to say that. He's had many years since to confirm his suspicion, to see Bruce's patterns and Batman's patterns. Like anyone should do but apparently they dont....because we suspend disbelief.
Yeah, I still would have liked something more, because it did make me pause in the theater and go "really?"

Unlike some however, that's all it did. Wheras some people seem to act like after that moment they sat in the theater for the next two hours stewing over that moment. Like I said, it didn't ruin it for me, but I thought it was a bit weak.

But in terms of this original question, yeah, I think that's looking a bit too much into the whole Batman motif itself. The fact that people didn't realize Bruce was Batman to begin with is a stretch. But a certain level of disbelief is required for comic stories.


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