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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
Franco said he got the impression Cavill didn't like him because Franco himself was too serious or something like that when they were shooting Tristan and Isolde.

I thought the review was interesting and I wouldn't say he was shading Cavill necessarily but I didn't like how Franco managed to make MOS all about him. Franco is one of those celebs who doesn't hide his extreme narcissism though so maybe props to him for being honest at least?
he didn't talk about cavill till the third paragraph, but i think he was on the money about superman.

So, what did we watch? A great film. But what makes me say this? Is it the nerd revolution that has brought our public taste to the point where comic-book characters and video games are now cool? Are these huge comic-book films the way for the world at large to embrace the subjects of these forms that are traditionally relegated to the nerd niche? Yes, in a way. But in another way, we are just wowed by the money that brings them to fruition. Kids like comic-book-style heroes, teens like flashy action and sex, and therefore these films make money. Adults—the third audience—respect money. So these films are made. Again and again. And if Brandon Routh doesn’t work as Superman, or if Sam Raimi can’t agree on the villain for a fourth Spider-Man, they will just make new versions without them. Man of Steel is great because it delivers everything it should. It made Superman cool again. It delivered great action and interesting characters with a plot that was grounded enough to make us care a little.
far as lex franco, the tension between franco seems to think he and cavill have between one another could work on screen.

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