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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Normally, I do like some explanation for things and for them to make sense, but as I've said before the Clark Kent persona is a part of the Superman myth I don't want to give up. I simply love the reporter/double life of a god-like man thing too much to lose it. So, I guess as long as they keep the Kent persona, I don't care that much what they do. To me, getting rid of the persona is the only thing I don't want. Having said that, here's some thoughts on how they could explain things. These are more for amusement than anything, as I don't care if they explain them that much at all. Just keep the Kent.

Zod outing Supes: No escaping that one. People who had been rescued by Clark before will likely make the connection. But they don't know personal details about Clark. All they know is that the weird guy that saved them that time is indeed an alien.

People of Smallville: Goyer talked about this in the extra dvd features. They probably know Clark is Supes. And they keep it to themselves, maybe out of respect (he did save some of them during the bus incident) or perhaps fear after seeing what that Kent boy can really do.

Aliens Landing at the Kent Farm: The aliens flew all over, for a short period of time. Only that cop with Lois saw the wrecked farmhouse, which Clark could repair. The military knew the ships landed in Kansas, but not the exact location. They knew they landed in Smallville, but wouldn't know why unless the people talked about the Kent boy. And would they? Maybe. Maybe not. Could be scared of alien retaliation. Swanwick might know why, but would he tell anyone?

Lois and the Cop: We don't know for sure if he heard her say "clark!" but he did bring her to the wrecked farm. Perhaps, like other Smallvillians, he keeps his mouth shut.

People know that Lois knows: Yep, they definitely know Lois knows who Supes is. And a few folks saw Lois kissing Supes. No way around this. They just have to deal with it. It could be a plot point. How would people react to her, knowing she knows (and has kissed) and alien? No need to cover this up when it can be used in the plot.

Superman being Superman: Once Clark gets going and starts being Superman, he can make many, many rescues in a short time since he's so fast. With all the rescues, it will help people believe that the alien now does this full time. Why would a god-like alien want to work at the DP any way? People wouldn't think that would be the first place to find such a creature. It adds to the hiding in plain sight idea. But...he would have to avoid being seen on camera with Lois or anything like that. Which he could. He's only a stringer, after all.

The government: Would they want to find out this alien's identity? Probably. If Lois found him, couldn't they? Probably. But what would they do if they did? Threaten Lois, who is somewhat of a public entity now? Threaten his mom and end up like Zod? Are they gonna fight this Superman? That's what could happen if they tried to do anything like that. And that wouldn't be any gain for them since they could fight him without knowing who he is. Knowing that he's Clark from Kansas won't make him any less of a danger to them. Even if they threatened and killed his family for some reason...that wouldn't make him easier to kill. It would just make him madder. Perhaps they don't want to mess with him and keep the peace.

Supes telling Swanwick he grew up in Kansas: I think Supes did that to establish some trust between them and decrease the fear. Swanwick was the only one he told. Simply have Swanwick keep that information a secret. Governments don't give details on classified things anyways.

Supes saying he was 33: Who cares? An 33 year old alien doesn't narrow things down that much. People could guess his age by his appearance anyways.

Perry, Jenny, Lombard: Saw Lois and Supes and may wonder about this new guy. Maybe they will know at some point or already do. Maybe they don't tell because of Lois's wishes or because Supes saved them.

Facial Recognition software: Don't deal with it at all. Whatever. It's not interesting and would take up time that could be spent on characterization. Ain't nobody got time for that. If people want to bring up nit-picky techy stuff like that, they probably never liked the Kent disguise and won't ever like it.

Well, anyways, I don't think the disguise situation is all that dire and there's no need to get melodramatic and go on about how horrendous it all is. To me, the bright side is that there is still DP Clark.

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