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Default Re: How can the Winter Soldier's fate determine Joss Whedon's Kill in Avengers 2

I really don't think that Black Widow is going to bite it after how hard Whedon fought to get her in Avengers 1.

Chris Evans is still under contract for Avengers 3.

Thor 2 had that cliffhanger. Marvel won't leave that hanging.

Iron Man is coming back for Avengers 3.

I mean, I guess that Hulk could die but there are still Hulk stories left to tell, Hulk forms to be used and we still don't know what happened to The Leader.

Hawkeye was never really all the developed. He's an Avenger who lacked a decent solo series until recently and his roles in Thor and A1 were tiny. He and Quicksilver are the most expendable. In Quicksilver's case, it's because Fox has their own version of the character and he's had his most iconic storylines with the X-Men and X-Factor. He's mostly a way to bring Scarlet Witch onto the team and she's always been a very integral part of the Avengers while Quicksilver and Polaris simply haven't.

tl;dr, Quicksolver and Hawkeye are the most expendable.

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