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Default Re: How can the Winter Soldier's fate determine Joss Whedon's Kill in Avengers 2

Originally Posted by Spider-Cross View Post

So as you can see that Captain America (Steven Rogers) and Black Widow are so far the most speculated choices that Joss Whedon is intending to kill because with Robert Downey Jr. signed on for the third Avengers movie, Chris Hemsworth for the next Thor movie, Hulk getting a sequel sometime during MCU Phase Three which is also to feature more of Hawkeye, and with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver joining the team as its youngest members, who else would Whedon choose to sacrifice from the MCU?
Just because these actors are signed for more movies, you don't think their characters can die? Any one of them could be killed by Ultron and still fulfill their quota of future films in flashbacks, dream sequences, cameos, zombiedom, or in the ever-popular homage to the old Marvel Comics adage, "Nobody stays dead in the Marvel U except Uncle Ben." (Or its new counterpart: "Tahiti is a magical place.")

I dunno if Joss intends to kill any major character in AOU, but my money is on Tony Stark. His long absence in Phase 3 until Avengers 3 could point to an apparent "death." Plus, the teaser to AOU shows Iron Man's armor going through an extremely painful-looking process of being ripped apart and replaced by Ultron. If that image is meant to be taken literally, and Tony is supposed to be in that armor when it happens, you can kiss his ass goodbye.


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