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Default Re: Is Thor "Too Difficult" A Character To Do Well?

Originally Posted by insideguy View Post
I disagree with the magic not being as relatable as science concept. Its an interesting theory but 3 billion dollars of Harry potters movies would kind of put that idea to rest.
Yeah, honestly, I think Marvel Studios' problem with their approach to Thor is that they aren't being magical *enough*. The most popular Thor stories amongst fandom, by far, are pure high fantasy, in the vein of Tolkien et al. Fans love the JMS-era stories about elves and trolls and sorceresses and the like traipsing around these wonderful, magical worlds. The universal constant complaint about Thor 1 and Thor 2 is "too much Earth, not enough Asgard (and beyond)". Nobody gives a **** about Darcy or her intern, or Selvig, or even Jane Foster.

If TDW had focused almost exclusively on the epic fantasy aspect of the mythos, it probably would have had a much bigger box office and much better reviews from both general audiences and fanboys alike.

The superhero genre is a very broad one, and often leans far more heavily towards a particular genre or other. Iron Man is nuts-n-bolts modern sci-fi; Cap started as a pure WWII genre, and is about to become political intrigue/espionage; Hulk tends towards the misunderstood monster genre. Thor is far better served in the pure fantasy genre. Trying to bring the characters down to earth (literally) fails at every turn, and even trying to go all Star Wars blasters 'n' spaceships as TDW did just tends to muddle things.

Thor is a fantasy character. Marvel hired Alan Taylor specifically for his experience in creating a very popular fantasy milieu. Instead of letting him use that expertise in TDW, though, they gave him a mixed bag of space opera and earthbound sitcom tomfoolery that has little or nothing to do with fantasy.


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