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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
I highly doubt that Marvel would go through the trouble of making a TV show and ONLY use two villains. In a movie, two villains is plenty, but not in a TV show. Typhoid Mary is the villain that I want to see the most, I love her bats**t insanity.
Well you obviously would have an ongoing arc with DD fighting against Kingpin's criminal empire.

I think a good question is, which DD villains would and would not work on TV series.

Besides the obvious choices: Kingpin, Bullseye, the Hand, Elektra and Typhoid Mary, there some interesting choices among the B and C-list DD villains:

Gladiator is a must, I think he is an important part of DD lore, that can start as a villain and become a supporting cast. I think you need Owl for a gang war story with Kingpin, but I don't know what else you do with him. I kinda like Bullet. The Larry Cranston version of Mr. fear is kinda of interesting, he had a personal grudge against Matt before he knew he was DD, but I wonder if people will think he is too similar to Scarecrow. I like Bushwacker and Mr. Hyde, but they might be tricky to pull off in live action. I like Purple Man, but he plays a more important role in Jessica Jones life than DD's, I wonder if he will be introduced into DD's series and later show up in Jessica Jones'.

In terms of villains who shouldn't show up: Jester is too much of an obvious Joker rip off, Mr. Fear used the fear gas gimmick before Scarecrow, so whether he is a rip off is debatable, but Jester is a rip off of the most famous super villain of all. Stilt-Man would cost too much and his cost could not be justified by the limited role be would play on the show. Seriously if you want some goofy villain for DD to beat up within the first 5 episodes of an episode there is Matador, Leap-Frog and Turk, Stilt-Man brings nothing important to the table.

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
Really? Second episode? I would go straight into it. I would probably head straight into it, into matts intensity as daredevil and then spend the rest of the season going into what he's like as a person. I wouldn't even mention the accident that gave him his powers until the second last episode.

That's just me though
Well a little build up wouldn't hurt, they may have to go over the origin for the general audience, but I would want DD in costume by the end of the first episode.

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