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Default Re: Captain America 3 Villian

Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
Okay then Baron Zemo as Bid Bad & even one of the two mentioned as hired help?

I also have gotten to like The Hood but he is less known then the ones mentioned. The Hood has been an enemy to both Avengers & Cap America.
Well Zemo would work and those two would be good henchmen.

I did not like the Hood, at least the way Bendis wrote him, where he seemed like a Mary Sue villain. I didn't buy that all those villains simply deferring to the Hood in Bendis 'Avengers, sure some would, but some like the Wizard would be too arrogant to follow the Hood, while others like Scarecrow and Purple Man would be too crazy to follow orders. Vaughn wrote the Hood better, but Vaughn's Hood would not a be suitable Cap villain either.

Plus Cap should be dealing with international terrorists, not petty street thugs. There is no real dynamic between Hood and Cap to warrant him being in a Cap movie.

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